Hello, I’m Caroline Reid, a writer and artist.

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Hi, my name is Caroline Reid and I am a writer and illustrator.

Black Hole Breakfast

The Universe had a ‘cosmic dawn’; this was the earliest period where dust and galaxies started ‘waking up.’ And the…

First Neptune-planet around a white dwarf

Researchers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have, for the first time, found evidence of a giant planet associated with a…

Illustrating the Cosmos

An interview with to graphic designers who turn telescope images into art

First Star Strontium Spotted

The periodic table of elements have all been seen on Earth, but what about in space? All elements, from light…

Cosmic Pretel

Two baby stars (the bright dots) are fed by an intricate pretzel-shaped network of gas and dust. This system will…

A Cosmic Jellyfish

Some scientific phenomena can inadvertently create beautiful art. In this case, pressure stripping causes a spiral galaxy, ESO 137-001, to…

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