October 16, 2016

My Week With RealScientists

I was very honoured to be invited to curate the Real Scientists twitter account for a week between Oct 9th-15th. (You can follow them here!) The account is curated by a different expert in a scientific field, from particles to paleontology to pulsars. I went in to talk about my experiences as a science communicator and some of my research in the field. An exhausting, exhilarating week that I would definitely consider doing again (although maybe not next week!) 
Highlights of the week included a stimulating discussion about LibGen: who uses this site where you can illegally download textbooks and research papers, its place in the research process and whether we should even pay for journals at all.

Alongside this this, there was also a day devoted to women in science, outstanding science communication and even a popular science quiz! Of course, even after all of this stimulating discussion and very literary debate, that doesn’t change the my most popular tweet was a gif of a sprinkler gear…

photo credit: tdlucas5000 Tiny Tough Guy via photopin (license)

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