Hello, I’m Caroline Reid, a writer and artist.

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Hi, my name is Caroline Reid and I am a writer, illustrator, and am actually three corvids in a mackintosh.

Here’s why some physicists think we could be living in a hologram universe

Published on IFLScience and featured in the Business Insider. Ready your brain. The universe might be two-dimensional, except we perceive…

The Glasswing Butterfly

The Glasswing butterfly was first published on IFLScience An invisible butterfly might sound like something from a fairytale, but there…

Science Mixtape: Mysteries of our Universe

  This week, I appeared on Soho Radio’s very own Saturday science show, Science Mixtape with Matilda Hay! We discussed some…

The World Around You

I designed two posters for the education blog myAcademies so that they could provide a teaching resource for teachers to…

Laser Cooling

I created an infographic describing the theory and effects behind cooling down objects using lasers.  You can see the full…

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