Hello, I’m Caroline Reid, a writer and artist.

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Hi, my name is Caroline Reid and I am a writer, illustrator, and am actually three corvids in a mackintosh.

Betelgeuse Dims

The star situated in the shoulder of the constellation Orion, called Betelgeuse, captured the imagination of star gazers everywhere when…

Phosphorus: A journey through the cosmos

Stories are a delightful product of science. Many researchers from all over the globe work out tiny steps in a…

Black Hole Breakfast

The Universe had a ‘cosmic dawn’; this was the earliest period where dust and galaxies started ‘waking up.’ And the…

First Neptune-planet around a white dwarf

Researchers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have, for the first time, found evidence of a giant planet associated with a…

Illustrating the Cosmos

An interview with to graphic designers who turn telescope images into art

First Star Strontium Spotted

The periodic table of elements have all been seen on Earth, but what about in space? All elements, from light…

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